Quality Bulk Herbs - Offering hundreds of quality bulk herbs, including many certified-organic and kosher-certified herbs.

Quality Bulk Herbs

Providing quality bulk herbs to our valued customers is Starwest Botanical's number one goal. We bring over thirty years of expertise in buying, processing and analyzing the herbs we make available to the public. We can vouch for the high-quality bulk herbs we sell because we can verify their excellence through every step of the process from buying the herbs to selling them to you.

Our first level of quality control comes through the knowledgeable herb buyers that work for Starwest Botanicals. These expert herbalists search the globe for the finest herbs available, and bring them to our manufacturing facility and warehouse, where we process them onsite. Without growers who understand the plants and all of the process that goes into growing superior herbs, and without botanists who know what to look for to insure that any raw herbs they send back to our processing facilities meet the highest standards of merit, our work would be for nothing. Instead, we take extensive measures to make sure that quality control begins with our raw herb purchases from top suppliers around the world.

A second layer of quality assurance occurs at our manufacturing facilities, which complies with both state and federal Good Manufacturing Principles. We perform all of our own milling, screening, cleaning, blending and packaging, checking for quality standards at every step of the process. All of our herbs and herbal products must meet our stringent guidelines, including our fifteen-part analytical protocol, that we follow for both quality and cleanliness before they can pass on to the next level of processing.

A third dimension of quality control occurs in our laboratory testing that is performed on site. Several different tests are used to verify the quality of every herb we sell. Because herbs are used for a variety of purposes, including crafts, cosmetics, culinary and medicinal uses, they are tested for their taste, color, texture, authenticity of identity, and purity. The microbiology and chemistry of each herb is analyzed, along with the active ingredients each herb contains. We keep samples from every lot of herbs we sell for seven years, as well as account for an accurate list of certificates of analysis, material safety data sheets, and specification sheets for every herb we sell. Laboratory testing is also done by outside auditing firms, to corroborate our findings.

We offer hundreds of quality bulk herbs, including many certified-organic and kosher-certified herbs, from which you can choose. In addition to our wide selection of bulk herbs, we also offer bulk tea, essential oils, aromatherapy products, herbal extracts, natural body care products, herb capsules and accessories helpful in putting the herbs to use in your recipes, your cosmetics and around your house. For Starwest Botanicals, the bottom line for our company is ensuring that we sell only the highest quality bulk herbs and herbal products verified by scientific standards.