Starwest Botanicals Quality Control

At Starwest our first priority is quality. To support our customers’ expectations for high quality products, Starwest continues to expand its quality control laboratory and processes. With our high-tech laboratory equipment and experienced Quality Assurance team, Starwest has made a commitment to continued excellence in product quality. We believe that quality begins with the knowledge and experience of our raw material suppliers and continues through the production process to the shipment of the finished goods to the customer.

In-House Quality Control Laboratory 

Starwest maintains a modern, in-house laboratory staffed by experienced professionals. We provide a complete product analysis, quickly and efficiently, with validated analytical procedures and state of the art equipment.

Our validated quality assurance testing includes:
• Organoleptic testing to ensure proper appearance, color, aroma and flavor. • Microscopic and Macroscopic inspection for foreign matter.
• HPTLC for identification, to verify purity and authenticity.
• ICP-MS heavy metal analysis.
• Microbiology testing for pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella.
• Chemical analyses for moisture content, volatile oil, ash and acid insoluble ash.

High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC)

In compliance with cGMPs, Starwest currently uses HPTLC testing to accurately determine product identity and purity. By quantifying or comparing the distribution patterns of marker compounds in different solvent systems (unique to each plant and class of actives) against our proprietary Botanical Reference library, our laboratory personnel can confidently and accurately verify product identity and identify known adulterates.

Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

ICP-MS offers a very sensitive, specific and reproducible way to determine heavy metal concentration in a wide variety of products. It can identify and quantify each metallic impurity with high sensitivity; and, can be used to test for the entire Periodic Table in one analysis. ICP detection limits for most elements are in the part-per-billion (ppb) range.

cGMP Compliant

Starwest complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices, with protocols firmly in place for the documentation and validation of our quality control system to ensure compliance with all relevant food safety regulations. We thoroughly document every aspect of our operations, including receiving, processing, packaging and shipping. Our Quality Assurance team includes individuals dedicated to equipment and process validation, document control, training, and product testing. We insure that FDA-compliant manufacturing protocols are followed, and our products meet our strict requirements for identity, strength, quality and purity.


We have a full allergen prevention program and have implemented tight controls in our manufacturing processes to prevent cross-contamination of our products with allergens.

More information about the tests performed in our lab is available on the following page: Description of Physical Testing.