Organic Chicory Root Raw C/S

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Chicory Root

Botanical Name: Cichorium intybus

Common Names: Succory, wild chicory, wild succory,coffeeweed

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Chicory Root Roasted Granules 1 lb India 201275-41

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Chicory Root Roasted Granules Organic 1 lb India 209207-41
Chicory Root Roasted Granules Organic 4 oz India 209207-44
Organic Chicory Root Raw C/S 1 lb Croatia 209206-31
Organic Chicory Root Raw C/S 4 oz Croatia 209206-34
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Chicory Root (Cicorium intybus)

Latin Name: Cicorium intybus
Common Names: Chicory Root

Chicory Root, known scientifically as Cicorium intybus, is one of many organic herbs that are not only used therapeutically, but for nutrition as well. Both the leaves and dried and ground Chicory Root are used as medicinal herbs and in the kitchen as a spice, boiled up as a side dish and used both as a flavoring for coffee (New Orleans coffee with chicory was once world-famous) and as a coffee substitute.

When used as therapeutic herbs, cut Chicory Root is dried and ground into a powder. Essentially a sedative, Cicorium intybus acts on the heart and circulatory system.

Like other herbs and spices in bulk, chicory root can be used to flavor foods during the cooking process . Unlike some other natural herbs and spices, Chicory is fine to eat in salads as well as a pot green like spinach. In addition, this organic bulk herb is "Generally Recognized as Safe" by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is among the safest of bulk herbs for sale, but you should always consult your healthcare professional before beginning any herbal regimen.
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roasted chicory

Very good...very fresh. No complaints at all. I'm so glad to have found you as a source.

by linnaA on November 21, 2015

Product: Chicory Root

It's the best!

I have been drinking coffee brewed with part ground chicory root since a long time ago—fifty years? At this point pure coffee seems to be missing that little something. I like buying my ground chicory root from Starwest Botanicals because they are second to none in promptness of shipment. And the quality is always the same. The resealable heavy foil bag the product is shipped in can be saved for other uses, too.

by snowysix on September 10, 2015

Product: Chicory Root Roasted Granules

Insanely great!

Thanks to Starwest Botanicals for their integrity in their products!

by Kristi on May 9, 2015

Product: Chicory Root Roasted Granules Organic

Hard to find product, looks good

The chicory root looks great. I had a hard time finding unroasted root but finally did. Thanks guys!

by Cindy on March 24, 2015

Product: Organic Chicory Root Raw C/S

Better than coffee

Delicious. Can be used singely or can be combined with your favorite coffee to give it a new twist. I just use a clip-type two-sided spoon to scoop out a spoonful, then steep it like tea. Two of my friends also asked me to include orders of it for them, they love it.

by Sharon C. on March 17, 2015

Product: Chicory Root

Love adding it with my mate and mint teas

Great with the other teas I purchased

by Dr magic fingers on February 27, 2015

Product: Chicory Root

love this with dandelion

I add this to roasted dandelion root to make a faux coffee. I add soy creamer and it tastes great. I think the fact it's roasted makes for a stronger richer taste. I love it.

by teadrinker on February 2, 2015

Product: Chicory Root Roasted Granules Organic

really good stuff

I have been using this product for several years and it has worked great. I have used it to remove calcium deposits and it has been wonderful. It seems to be good quality and works well.

by Merlene on January 9, 2015

Product: Chicory Root Roasted Granules

Organic Chicory Root

Can't help it. I keep coming back for more and more.
Try some you'll love it

by jonnie on November 28, 2014

Product: Chicory Root

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