Organic Hops Flowers

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Hops Flowers

Botanical Name: Humulus lupulus

Common Names: Common Hop

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Organic Hops Flowers 4 oz United States 209360-04
Organic Hops Flowers Powder 1 lb United States 209360-51
Organic Hops Flowers Powder 4 oz United States 209360-54
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Hops Flowers

People who appreciate good beer and ale are familiar with the sharp, bitter taste imparted by Humulus lupulus, better known as Hops Flowers. Distantly related to hemp, Hops Flowers are a type of non-vine climbing perennial that like other herbs, grow starting early in the spring and die back in the fall. Powder Hops Flowers are used not only as a flavoring agent in beer and ale (as are many other types of bulk herbs), but as a preservative as well; the popular "India Pale Ale" produced by many regional microbreweries across the US had its origins in the early 19th Century when the old British Empire was at its height. In the days before refrigeration, most traditional English ales could not survive the six-month voyage from London to India aboard clipper ships; therefore, ale destined for outlying British territories contained an extra measure of Hops Flowers as a preservative.

The active biochemical in c/s Hops Flowers, known as humulene, is believed to have stimulant properties. Dried Hops Flowers, when brewed as a tea, is one of such wildcrafted herbs that may also have calming properties.

Studies of the actual therapeutic benefits of Hops Flowers are not yet conclusive. People using such bulk organic herbs for medicinal purposes should consult a licensed herbalist or healthcare professional.

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A Favorite

I make tea with this, and it has become my favorite drink, besides water. Drinking hops teas has a very uplifting effect. It will make you happy.

by Vince on April 19, 2017

Product: Organic Hops Flowers

fresh fragrant hops

These hops don't dissappoint. They are a little bit green as opposed to golden. I bought them to use in a floral sleep pillow with lavender, chamomile, and rose petals and at first they had a pleasant fragrance. I read they're not supposed to smell so great so that can't be beat. I also use them in tea when I cant sleep. A little goes a long way as they are naturally bitter. They do make one drowsy. I recommend these hops.

by annie on March 18, 2015

Product: Hops Flowers

Used to help alleviate alcohol cravings

I sent one pound of hops to my son to help one of his workers struggling with alcohol abuse. Sometimes we need a little help. In years to come we will know how well it worked.

by Red on February 2, 2015

Product: Hops Flowers Whole

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Questions & Answers for Hops Flowers

Are these bitter or sweet hops?
Question by: Mary M. on July 30, 2014
They are bitter/dry hops.
Answer by: Starwest Staff on July 30, 2014

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