Organic Irish Moss C/S

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Irish Moss

Botanical Name: Chondrus crispus

Common Names: Carragheen, Carrageenan

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Irish Moss

Did you know that this bushy seaweed, Chondrus crispus or Irish Moss, saved thousands of Irish from starvation during the potato famine of the mid-19th century?

Irish moss is a curly red, purple, or yellow green plant which is found clinging to submerged rocks. This tough and stringy seaweed grows in tidal pools along the northern Atlantic. Chondrus crispus is harvested commercially to make carrageenan, a thickening agent for jellies, puddings, and soups, and is also a well-known traditional herbal remedy in Ireland.

Chondrus crispus is considered by some to be a nutritious and remarkable gift from the sea. Full of rich nutrients, Irish Moss is used by some herbalists to make a tonic for promoting a vibrant glow.

The typical preparation of Irish Moss is as a powder used in a tea or tincture. Chondrus crispus is sometimes combined with cinnamon or licorice as a soothing remedy.

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Great product

great price and glad it was in stock

by CJ on March 21, 2016

Product: Organic Irish Moss Powder

Excellent quality

Shipped promptly and received in good condition

by many on March 12, 2016

Product: Organic Irish Moss C/S


This product came in perfect condition in the estimated time of delivery.

by Patrick on October 28, 2015

Product: Irish Moss

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Questions & Answers for Irish Moss

Can you substitute Irish moss as a binder in sausage recipes that call for Carragenan? If so, would you use equal amounts?
Question by: Joyce on April 07, 2014
Irish Moss is the raw material from which Carrageenan Extract is made. However, chemically processed carrageenan extract, also called, “food grade carrageenan", is nutritionally diminished and is NOT THE SAME substance as Whole Irish Moss seaweed. Carrageenan Extract is the substance in which there is debate by health conscious consumers. Irish Moss is the whole raw material with all nutritional compounds intact. We understand that IRISH MOSS does have binding properties like Carrageenan Extract would (contains 50-60% of Carrageenan by weight), however, customers have given us feedback that when tried in recipes it can tend to make the taste come out a bit “fishy”, as it is after all, a type of seaweed. It also seems boiling/blending is necessary first to prep the Irish Moss into a gel in order to use it as a binder.
Whether or not this will be a good substitute for your sausage recipe would have to be left up to experimentation, as we aren’t able to determine if the outcome would be desirable otherwise.
Answer by: Starwest Staff on April 07, 2014

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