Natural Rock Salt Tea Light Holder (Medium)

Please note: Product appearance including color and size may vary from lot to lot.

Size: Medium


About This Product

Ancient Secrets Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamps are hand carved salt products from the Himalayan Mountains. The warmth and natural beauty of the glow provided by these lamps makes them a wonderful accent for any room.They provide a natural ambiance that enhances home and office, and are a perfect answer for providing Feng Shui cures for locations that have stuck energy (chi). Salt Lamps and Tea Lights are traditionally believed to emit negative ions, which help improve the feeling of a room, and enhance a natural sense of peace, and balance energy. They are considered especially beneficial to help cleanse and neutralize the atmosphere of the energy impacts from computers, microwave ovens, T.V. sets, and other electronic devices - which all emit positive ions and thus reduce your energy. Tea light candle included.