Neti Pot Salt Packets

Please note: Product color can vary from lot to lot.

Size: 40 packets


About This Product

Neti Pot Salt Packets

Nasal Cleansing (Neti) Pots help to cleanse and moisturize the nasal passages according to the traditional practice of Neti. The process of nasal cleansing can be soothing and moistening to dried out nasal passages while helping to clear and irrigate them. This salt can be used with any of our Neti Pots.
  • This Neti Pot Salt is a pure USP grade salt (sodium chloride) recommended for use where the highest standards are required.
  • This salt is non-iodized, and contains no additives, preservatives, or anti-caking agents.
  • Includes 40 premeasured salt packets (.07 oz each).

PLEASE NOTE: Use only clean, lukewarm (not cold or hot) water that is distilled, sterile or previously boiled. If using boiled water, boil for 3-5 minutes and cool to lukewarm, store in a clean, closed container, use within 24 hours.