New Age™ Blue Sage Smudge Stick, Wildcrafted

Please note: Product color can vary from lot to lot.

About This Product

New Age™ Blue Sage Smudge Stick, Wildcrafted

Blue Sage (Artemisia Powis Castle) is a close relative of white sage. It has a fresh, light fragrance similar to lavender, and its aroma is not quite as strong as white sage. It is often used in ceremonial practices for cleansing, to attract positive energies, or simply for aromatic pleasure.

Our Blue Sage Smudge Sticks come from ethical Wildcrafters, and are gathered in a responsibly, ecologically sound, and respectful way.

Size: 4"L x 1"W. Please note that size is approximate and may vary.


Adult supervision required. Avoid smudging if pregnant. Keep children and animals away from lit smudges. Do not leave lit smudges unattended.