Vanilla Beans Organic

Vanilla, one of the most popular and recognizable spices in the world, is anything but plain. It's known for its complex, sweet, aromatic flavor, with warm, floral, and slightly smoky notes. Vanilla has been used to flavor chocolate since Aztec times, and it became popular as a standalone spice in the 17th century.
Botanical Name:
Vanilla planifolia

About This Product

Vanilla Beans Organic

Vanilla comes from a Mexican species of orchid called vanilla planifolia. While it is widely available, its growing process is long and exacting — vanilla vines typically take 3 to 4 years to flower and then they mature for 8 to 10 months in long pods that look like beans (the origin of the name vanilla bean).   

Vanilla is delicious sprinkled in baked goods like cookies, donuts, cakes, and pancakes. Stir it in your coffee or hot chocolate for an extra sweet treat. 


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