White Sage Bundles with Rose Petals, Wildcrafted

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Sage is known for its sweet fragrance and slightly stringent aroma. It is sacred in Native American tradition and is used in spiritual cleansing rituals intended to rid unwanted influences and negative energy. Sage is also revered as an herbal remedy in Native American cultures.

Size: 2 Pack

Botanical Name:
Salvia apiana

About This Product

White Sage Smudge Stick with Rose Petals, Wildcrafted

Smoke cleansing is traditionally used to purify the home, office, and healing rooms to eliminate negative energy. This sage bundle is 100% natural aromatic and Wildcrafted White Sage. Our Sage Bundles come from ethical Wildcrafters and are gathered in a responsible, environmentally sustainable, and respectful way. 

The three bright and vibrant dried rose petals wrapped around the sage are said to impart the energy of love, abundance and spiritual attainment, and to help bring calm and blessings to one's life. Rose promotes admiration and happiness.

Please note: Natural rose petals are placed on sage bundle, and petals may have variation in color and browning as drying process occurs. Color of rose petals may vary. No food coloring or chemicals are used.

Size: 4" L x 1.5" W. Please note that size is approximate and may vary.


Adult supervision required. Avoid smoke cleansing if pregnant. Keep children and animals away from lit bundles. Do not leave lit bundles unattended.